Open letter

To the producers of Dance Wars, American Idol, Grease You’re the One that I want (retrospectively) and any other reality competition show that involves singing other people’s songs:

Songs originally performed by Queen are friends to no one but Freddie Mercury. They will take down even the most experienced and awesome singers, because no one can match his range. (With the exception of George Michael, but I don’t see him competing on your shows.) So please, please, stop assigning contestants on your shows to sing them, it’s just embarrassing.

I also have some words for you about dressing the girls on your shows like hootchies- or in the case of Dance Wars, quite literally like prostitutes, but that’s a longer, bloodier battle for another day, so if we could just agree on the whole Queen thing, I’d consider it a win.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Open letter

  1. I don’t watch those shows, but that does sound like common sense.

    I always hate when they have a theme night or assign a certain song and then blame the singer for somehow fitting too well in that song. “Yeah, dawg, you sound a little too country for me,” when the night is a night of country songs.

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