Watching this week’s Pushing Daisies I noticed Raul Esparza’s name in the opening credits and just about died. Raul Esparza is only one of the most incredibly talented guys on Broadway right now, with the one of most gorgeous voices ever. He’s playing the Alfredo character who’s in love with Olive, and this bodes SO well for the musical possibilities on the show. I’m seriously SO excited, I can’t even say. I know, I’m a huge geek. So sue me.

If you want to check him out (which you should), check these out. The first one is serious, the second is absolutely hilarious, especially if you know the musical Wicked.

2 thoughts on “SQUEEEEE!!

  1. Jessica on

    I LOVE (with a capital L-O-V-E) Pushing Daisies. I will be so happy when they start putting new shows back up.

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