This post is for my cousins

There’s a new Huntzinger! Alissia had her baby today at 4:02, the baby weighs … are you ready for it? 9lbs 5 oz. HUGE. Massive. She’s 22 inches long. She doesn’t have a name yet, but hopefully will by tomorrow.

Isn’t she cute?

baby betsy

PS. Her name isn’t Betsy, that’s just what I call her, seeing as she is, as of yet, unnamed. I may continue to call her that after she has another name though, who knows? I’m unpredictable that way. I won’t be constrained by real, legal, names!

PPS. Click on the picture to see more pictures.

3 thoughts on “This post is for my cousins

  1. Kim H. on

    This makes me so happy. What a collection of kids we keep producing. I think this little unnamed child is a sweetie pie and I vote she be called P’lissa.

  2. becky on

    Awesome! Wow, big and durable…that is the way to make them! Baby Harmonica was 9.6 so she is right up there with the cousins!

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