Britney, Batman. Batman, Britney.

Ok, I know I usually don’t post about celebrity gossip and stuff, and I made a goal to stop paying attention to it so much and all that, but I just have to let my celebrity loving self and my comic book loving self squee over this gloriously funny image:

“Spears then arrived at the courthouse in a white convertible Mercedes-Benz early on Thursday afternoon – to face Commissioner Gordon herself in a closed-court meeting.”

The thing that takes it up a level in my mind is imagining Adam West as her lawyer.

One thought on “Britney, Batman. Batman, Britney.

  1. LOL! Ryan and I thought that it was soooo funny that the judge is “Commissioner Gordon”! We noticed it right away. I can’t help myself either, I love celebrity gossip! I am a subscriber to Us Weekly!!

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