The real Dancing with the Stars

I love Dancing with the Stars, but as much as I love the celebrities, you have to question some of their “Star”-ness. So here’s my dream cast of Dancing with the Stars. Some are picked because I think they’d be hilariously awesome, others because I’d like to see them dance, and all of them because I think they’d totally commit. I also tried to get some variety in there. There’s no sports people because, well, I don’t really know of any.

The guys:
Jon Stewart

Neil Patrick Harris
MC Hammer

Chris Rock

Steve Tyler

Christopher Gorham

The girls:

Queen Latifah

Tina Fey

Amy Pohler

Christina Aguilera

Annie Potts

Annette Benning

Who do you want to see dance?

2 thoughts on “The real Dancing with the Stars

  1. At first I saw Jon Stewart as Patrick Stewart, and as much as I love Jon, I bet you Patrick would dance divinely.

    Not that I’d watch, mind you. If your female dream cast was on, maybe, because I’m big fans of four of the six.

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