I took the career matchmaking survey over at and these were my results. I’m kind of surprised. (Don’t bother clicking on the links, they’ll just take you to that website. I just don’t know how to turn them off.)

1. Career Counselor
2. Child and Youth Worker
3. Special Education Teacher
4. Elementary School Teacher
5. High School Teacher
6. Teacher Assistant
7. Advertising Copywriter
8. Director of Photography
9. Social Worker
10. Anthropologist
11. Early Childhood Educator
12. Addictions Counselor
13. Motivational Speaker
14. Set Designer
15. Professor
16. Costume Designer
17. Clergy
18. Foreign Service Officer
19. Art Director
20. Florist
21. Art / Music Therapist
22. Music Teacher / Instructor
23. Psychologist
24. Sport Psychology Consultant
25. Recreation Therapist

3 thoughts on “Huh.

  1. Interesting results. What do you think?

    Actually, I think you’d love to work for the Yahoo Editors and Writers team. (I know I want to work for them some day.) They write the company blogs or special features. Some of them analyze the most popular search terms on the engine and write stuff about why certain terms are suddenly popular that week. Another team also writes reviews of their “pick of the day,” the featured website or blog of the day. Definitely your kind of job.

  2. Kim H. on

    Very interesting. Is it time to start creating a new resume and searching for a new career?

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