I didn’t have time to workout today, during Zoe’s nap (when I usually partake in the kicking of my butt by various exercise means) I made 3 batches of brownies and 6 cardstock puzzles with clues for 6 teams for a treasure hunt activity tonight. Then she was so cuddly and clingy today that I couldn’t do it any other time. Then we ate and I headed to the activity, then hit the library (where I TOTALLY SCORED! Such good books.) and the grocery store and came home at 9:30. I really considered not working out and claiming today as a “rest day”, but I know myself and I know if I skip a day (other than my previously decided on Sunday) then I’m toast. Tomorrow would be a rest day, and the next and the next and then I’d just have more DVDs I don’t use. If I don’t work for the goal I have no goal. Today makes 20 days in a row, tomorrow is 21 days, and that’s the number they say makes a habit. So, I stopped thinking about it, put on my workout stuff and proceeded to get my butt kicked. (Seriously, the workout I did is called Goddess Booty- all about the buns!)

Anyway, what good is being strong if you don’t brag about it, right?

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  1. Becky on

    Hooray! Kick some buns! Way to stick to it but not have it all stick to you! I have to brag too because my workout actually finally made my muscles sore on Tues. and I walk funny. It’s a good thing when you can tell your making progress.

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