Overheard at the Doctor’s office

Girl 1: If they sent some guy who didn’t know what he was doing to my house to give me an estimate, I’d feel gyped.
Girl 2: Gyped is actually a derogatory term, did you know?

Girl 1: Really? For what?

Girl 2: It’s short for gypsy.

Girl 1: Oh, well I didn’t mean it like that. I meant like a con, a scam, a sheister.

Girl 2: Sheister is actually a bad term too.

Girl 1: What?

Girl 2: It refers to Shylock in Shakespeare- he was a Jew.

Girl 1: Why does everything have racist overtones?

Girl 2: That’s just the world the way is.

Girl 1: Who’s scammer offensive to, the people who live on the island of Scam?

later, with the same girls-

Girl 1:Your dad is crazy.

Girl 2: My dad’s a Nazi.

Girl 1: I was going to say that, but I figured it was offensive.

Girl 2: Why, because I’m Jewish?

Hooray for political correctness!

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  1. You should send that in to “Overheard in the Office”. I mean, technically it was an office of some sort.

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