The Netflix Project

One of my to-do’s for the year was to use Netflix more often. Since I made that goal I’ve gotten 6 movies, two that I sent back without watching: Lost in La Mancha (I just wasn’t in the mood, but want to see it later) and Stick It (it’s coming on TV in HD, so we’ll just watch it then), and 4 that I’ve watched and thoroughly enjoyed.

I got Matchpoint and

2 thoughts on “The Netflix Project

  1. Unfortunately, my library doesn’t have the edwardian one, but there’s also a Regency House and a Colonial House. I wasted two whole consecutive weekends watching them. They were GREAT.

  2. Becky Saldivar on

    I thought Stick it was so funny and I like gymnastics.
    Have you seen, Goal the Dream begins? That was pretty good too.

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