Again, who are you people? I mean, welcome!

Google has a nifty little tool that allows you to see how many people are visiting your blog, where they are, and (kind of) how they found you. While the information is interesting, it’s also somewhat baffling. Who is it in Oslo who comes back every month or so? Who is it in England that’s reading? And Australia? There are some people I can guess, but others I have no idea.

I have on average, 25% new visitors each month. I know I got a decent influx from Gary linking to me from his awesome blog, and hopefully some of those people will stick around. So, in honor of De-lurking Week, which just ended yesterday, I’ve added a little guest book on the right. If you’re so inclined to help me stop going crazy wondering just who in fact found me from Bangalore, please click over and leave a little note. And if I already know who you are, go ahead and pop over there anyway if you want; you know, for posterity and all.

2 thoughts on “Again, who are you people? I mean, welcome!

  1. Hey, there’s another little tool I LOVE called mapstats ( and it integrates the IP addresses of your incoming visitors with the Google map API. Very fun.

  2. Hey there Marya! Thought of you tonight and scoped out the blog. I wondered if you’d read the Twilight series and what you thought. Drop me an email or call. Love ya.

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