2 thoughts on “Are you a girl or a boy?

  1. Male every time. I gave it two movie reviews, two blog posts, and part of a novel, and it got me every time. When I write about music, in particular, I am overwhelmingly male.

  2. I write like a girl!
    I put in 4 blog entries, 1 fiction and 1 non fiction. All but one came up as female. The one that didn’t was a book review about a book that was written for male young adults. I thought that was interesting.
    My dad said I always use the word AND too much. I use it to make run on sentences mostly. This is such a girl thing! I might make it a new years resolution to not use the work AND so many times.
    I really like the word ARE, I didn’t know that was such a masculine word. Funny site, thanks B and Maryanne.

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