Kindness challenge Day 1

I challenged the girls in my Young Women’s group to a Kindness challenge- to do one random act of kindness or senseless charity every day in December- as a way of getting into the spirit of Christmas and sharing the love of Christ. So of course, I’m doing it too.

Today I got a box of candy canes when Zoe and I went to the store, and I handed them out to people who looked like they needed a candy cane as we walked home. We also stopped by our friends’ house and decorated the little trees on either side of their door with candy canes, and left some on the kid’s bike seat of a bike standing outside someone’s house. Hopefully they don’t get scared that there’s something wrong with them or anything.

It’s going to be a fun month!

One thought on “Kindness challenge Day 1

  1. Kim H on

    Senseless Charity. I like that. Who would have thought to put those two words together. I hope your young women enjoyed the humor, the fun, and the kindness of the activity.

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