Reason 5697326 why I love my daddy

I called my dad today just to say hi, and after we exchanged the regular pleasantries he told me he was watching The Breakfast Club. When I asked him if he’d ever seen it before, he informed me that he had, and in fact he watches it whenever he sees that it’s on TV. Something about that just makes me immensely happpy.

One thought on “Reason 5697326 why I love my daddy

  1. Kim H on

    I agree, this info makes me smile and laugh. I love this tidbit of knowledge. I think if you had asked me to guess what movie you caught your dad watching and enjoying I would not have guessed The Breakfast Club ever. My mom used to really like Pretty Woman. She always watched it when it was on TV and would call and tell me it was on, or if I was living with her she would tell me so I could watch it with her.

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