It’s over

The final book in The Series of Unfortunate Events arrived today, and it’s fantastic. The book itself is super good, bringing up very interesting issues of what it means to protect and shield your children from the world; it’s also a perfect ending to a wonderful series. It didn’t answer all the questions, but it answered enough, and as a whole the series achieves some really awesome things. It tackles the questions of what it means to be good and noble, why people are so easily tricked, why culture is important, and so many other things. And while it brings up the questions, just like the over arching mysteries of the series, it doesn’t answer them all, but rather leaves the reader to think about them and put the pieces together. I will absolutely be reading these to Zoe, and will enjoy the possibly difficult discussions that will come from them.

Now I have to go read the Beatrice letters again.

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