Kimmy Kim Kim Kim

In response to my cousin Kim’s decision to stop actually writing on her blog and instead just link to other people who write about her life, here is a post about her being at my brother’s wedding. My cousins Kim and Danna, and Danna’s husband JD, drove out from Utah to be here for my brother’s wedding, which was on August 4th. It was wonderful to see them, as I don’t get to see them nearly enough. When they lived in California I really only got to see them on Thanksgiving and Christmas and random other times, even though they only lived about ten minutes away. Since they moved to Utah, I really never get to see them. And that makes me sad, because they’re both awesome. My cousins Becky and Mike only live about half an hour from me, and they’re super awesome too, and I don’t see them nearly enough either, but since this post is supposed to be about Kim, I’ll focus on her.

Kim (and the other cousins!) kicked butt at the reception, helping us get all the food ready and out. She bonded with Zo

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  1. Thanks Maryanne for your post. I posted a link on my blog to your post. That is one less trip I need to post about. You have made my life that much easier. Thank you.

  2. Becky on

    I think we should have more weddings so we can see family more often! OR how about this great idea…we could all go camping! Wouldn’t that be fun? Too bad Kim won’t be there this year to put out fires in the middle of the night! You can still change your mind Kim!

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