Oh sugar, how I miss you

Let it never be said that I don’t read the comments and do my best to accomodate them. So Kim, this post is for you. (See her comment in the post below if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and while you’re there click the link and check out her blog, she’s a funny lady. Even if her most recent post is sad and may cause you to believe she’s a bird killer. She’s really not one. )

Trying to eat while “avoiding” sugar is much much more difficult than I would have expected. Everything in the freakin’ world has sugar in it I’m learning, not just yummy yummy candy. At least all the things I like to eat do. Even simple things like orange juice are out, which I keep forgetting. My favorite kind of cereal (Heart Smart) has too much sugar, so I’m demoted to Special K, and my loved V8 Splash has fruit juice, so if I want the vegtable-y goodness in liquid form then I have to try to stomach the normal V8, which I personally find vile.

So what am I eating? So far today I’ve had Special K, which is good and all but gets soggy really quickly. I had a scoop of peanut butter (yes, straight out of the container on a spoon) and some baby carrots for a snack, and then a sharp cheddar cheese and salami sandwich for lunch, which was quite yummy. Later I will have a couple Sugar Free Hershey’s mini chocolate bars with almonds, which are actually pretty good, considering the no sugar thing. I haven’t figured out what we’ll have for dinner yet, but as it’s raining and I don’t have the car today, it will probably be peanut sauce on rice with steak and poratoes mixed in, because that’s what we’ve got in the cupboard.

Overall I’ve been doing pretty well and have only messed up a couple of times. (And a couple of those were blatant and on purpose. I’m a rebel!)

2 thoughts on “Oh sugar, how I miss you

  1. Yeah, I love hearing these stories. Thanks Maryanne. So, is it processed sugar you have to stay clear of, or all sugars. Can you eat fresh fruit? Can you eat things cooked with coconut milk? Oh, poor dearie.

    Hey, do we know what kind of baby you are having? Cat, chicken, horse, mermaid, boy or girl?

  2. Special K sound yummy! I think I’ll start eating it too. There’s free Special K with Red Berries in the breakroom, and the fat man doesn’t touch it!

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