Why I love Prince today

I love Prince everyday, for a number of reasons. They include, but are in no way limited to:

1) He’s a musical genius
2) He has amazing cheekbones
3) Even though he’s short (5’2″- same as me), he somehow looks 7 feet tall when he performs
4) He’s taken the swear words out of his songs since he doesn’t use them in real life
5) He’s sexy as all get out

My reason today, however, comes from one moment in his performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend. He was towards the end of the song, doing a guitar solo, and he hit one of those riffs where guitar players usually get that screwed up look on their face that says, “look at how hard I’m concentrating, playing the guitar is really hard, look how well I play”. The look on his face was entirely different. It simply said, with no hint of pride, “This is what I do. It’s what I was put on this Earth to do, and it’s the easiest and most joyful thing in the world”. What he was playing was complicated and beautiful, and looked completely effortless. I watched part of Purple Rain today (it happened to be on TV), and the look is the same in his performances there. I don’t know that he ever felt the need to make it look hard, or maybe it just never was.

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