Follow up to Books 1/12/06

There was a question posed in the comments of the last post, which I answer here because it strikes me that some guys may not know about this subject. (And because I find it funny.)

Sometimes adolescent girls are self concious about how they “fill out” their clothing, especially their tops. Sometimes these girls (especially in books) decide to do something about that by padding the area in question with tissues or socks. Sometimes (especially in books) if the result is less than natural looking, they will use baggies of water, or, in one ill advised instance (see post below), baggies of minestrone soup. This ruse will generally work in situations where no one will be closely inspecting the area in question. But, if for example, someone gets grabby at a socially crucial party, the results can be mighty embarrassing; especially in the case of the baggies of minestrone soup.

This information is not given in an attempt to excuse anyone from reading the book posted about below now that they know what falsies are, but instead to encourage reading of it in droves, because it’s so darn funny.

I’m now reading Nosferatu by Paul Monette, which is a retelling of the Dracula story. It’s good so far, the changes that have been made are interesting, and I want to see to what end exactly the changes were made. More on it when I finish.

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