Because my dear daddy asked

The prologue and 1st chapter of MURDER AT THE MYSTERY HOUSE. Comments are welcome, as long as you don’t say anything discouraging. And if you’ve already figured out who did it, don’t tell me or I’ll cry. 🙂
Oh, and Elizabeth’s name will most likely be changed to Betsy- just so you all know.

You are enthusiastically invited
to join us for a
spooky and scary weekend
to celebrate
the Grand Opening
of The Mystery House
to the public.
Come prepared to contact
the other side.
Scairdy- cats can
stay at home.

October fifth through the eighth,
Ninteen hundred and twenty four.

1500 Bainley Circle, Los Angeles

Angela and Dexter Bently

Chapter 1

The invitation lay in the middle of the pile of envelopes Mrs. Bandstock handed over the small counter that sat just inside the door of the boarding house. Elizabeth Malone nodded in thanks, and flipped casually through them as she walked toward the stairs that led to her small room. A bill from the department store for the winter coat she

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  1. FishDreamer on

    I like the voice, and it looks like a fun story. Thanks for sharing, and good luck.

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