Books 6/22/05

Flannery O’Connor hurts my brain. In a good way, but hurts nonetheless. I just finished Wise Blood, and my thoughts are struggling to connect themselves. There’s so many threads of yearning, struggling for redemption, for identity; trying to free yourself from the pull of your heritage, blood, and past; it’s all blurring together beautifully at the moment. Her words are so carefully chosen, so exact. It’s a very strange book, but I enjoyed it immensely. Maybe I’ll try to write more about it once I’ve had a chance for it to settle in my mind.

I’ve been saying for posts and posts that I’m going to read Misfortune by Wesley Stace next, and I really am going to get to it. It’s just that I signed up for a neato thing where I get to read preview copies of books and then tell the publisher what I thought, and I have to get that book read. Then it’s finally onto Misfortune.

Current total: 43
Just finished: Wise Blood by Flannery O’Connor
Next Up: The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

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