Books 6/11/05

Distraction has struck again. Well, not completely. I’m in the middle of reading The Vagabond, which I fully intend to finish, I just got an unexpected Amazon shipment containing Ruddy Gore, the most recently reprinted Phryne Fisher mystery by Kerry Greenwood, and almost any book gets put down for a Phryne Fisher book.

Ruddy Gore is one of the earlier Phryne Fisher books, wherein she takes on solving a dual poisoning that takes place during a production of Ruddigore by Gilbert and Sullivan. (The play is by them, not the production.) It’s a great read, with plenty of Gilbert and Sillivanesque twists and turns. I saw a couple of the twists coming, but that didn’t make them less enjoyable.

Since the books are being reprinted out of order, some characters are introduced here that I’d met in the later books, including my favorite, Phryne’s Chinese lover Lin. He’s a fantastic character, well developed where the author could have resorted to stereotype. But she doesn’t, and that’s why I love these books. I can’t wait for the rest to be reprinted; if anyone knows where to find previous editions for less than the $50 people are selling them for on Amazon, let me know!

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