Books 4/12/05

We’re still in the midst of our move; we’re here but our stuff isn’t. I’ve learned something in this move, something that probably shouldn’t suprise me: my books are my security blanket. I kind of noticed it during my book purging- the panicky little twinges as I thought about getting rid of certain books, but it’s hit full force now that I’m here in the mostly empty apartment with 1 book. I’m no where near done with the book, and I’ll get my other books back before I finish it, but it’s still driving me nuts. I need my choices! And really, just the knowledge that I have those choices. But, our stuff should be here tomorrow, so I’ll be able to just go back to enjoying Natalie Wood: A Life by Gavin Lambert in peace.

The move has also given me the opportunity to reorganize my bookshelves. Whereas all the bookcases were in different rooms in our old place, in this apartment we’re putting them all in the computer room/library. (I’ve ALWAYS wanted a library room!) So, the question is, how to organize the shelves? I went with themes in the old place- 1920s together, mysteries together, art books all on the same shelf. I could go with the same idea, or go alphabetically by author, or if I wanted to be crazy, by cover color. I could mix the graphic novels in with the other books, or leave them in their own bookcase. I have to decide soon, any suggestions anyone?

Current total: 26
Currently reading: Natalie Wood: A Life by Gavin Lambert

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