The truth of it

I haven’t been reading much because we’re getting ready to move, and I’ve been busy. I have 4 books I should be reading, and for various reasons I’m not reading any of them consistently enought to count it as reading. But in the midst of getting ready to move, I made a discovery. This is a discovery I’ve made before, pretty much every time I move.

I have a crapload of books.

No really.

I’m packing up bookcases, and I already have 20 boxes packed full. I still have 2 bookcases to go- NOT counting the whole bookcase of graphic novels which I’m going to pack in a different kind of box. We’re hiring movers and they charge by weight, so needless to say, the sheer mass of books, plus the approximately 500 lbs of comics in the closet, is slightly worrying.

I went through and culled everything I could. I was harsh, like people are supposed to be with their closets. Anything that I hadn’t read in two years and wasn’t likely to read in the next two- gone. Anything I started and never got back to- gone. Anything that I had no plans to read again- gone. Anything that didn’t make my heart hurt a little when I thought about getting rid of – gone. I just counted, and there are 137 books in the to-go pile. Plus a bunch of books that aren’t in that pile since I gave them to specific people.

And I still have 20 boxes and two bookcases full. I think that qualifies as a crapload.

2 thoughts on “The truth of it

  1. You could donate those 137 books to a Portland-based writer and he could take them to Powell’s and probably keep him in reading material for a year.

    And charge the company for shipping. 😉

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