Books 6/19/04

I’ve just started House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. I remember starting it before, and I’m pretty sure I put it down because I sensed it was going to be depressing. I’m thinking the same thing about now, but I’m still reading because I really llke the character of Lily and I’d like to see what she does in different situations. I’m scared that bad things are going to happen to her, put she’s plucky and strong willed and hopefully she’ll come out ok. The thing that worries me is what a complete lack of control she has over her circumstances. She can influence them slightly, yes, but there is always someone with more power, more ability to wreck her life.
As I write that, I’m struck by the parallels to the conversations about zoos in Life of Pi. Lily is fine,as long as she stays within her cage, her routine. When she steps outside of that, she is in danger of all the stronger animals. They say many animals who have the chance to escape from zoos don’t- or if they do escape, they return. So far when Lily has stepped out she’s stepped back in and faced the repercussions… sorry, that train of thought just derailed.
The thing I’m finding interesting is the similarity between how women of the late 1800s were raised to act and geishas. Their entire purpose for being was to entertain men, and they were highly trained to do so.
More thoughts later when I’m farther in.

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