Books 4/13/04

For the sake of completeness, here are the books I read from March 19-March 28 when I wasn’t posting.

Never Cross A Vampire by Stuart Kaminksy, an entertaining mystery involving both Bela Lugosi and William Faulkner. Lighten Up by Cheiko Okasaki, a gorgeous book about perspective and self. The Public Image by Muriel Spark. I love her book The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, and this was great as well. A creepy look at how our identity is influenced by how we think others see us. Five Hundred Years After by Steven Brust. I love this man’s books. The great adventures of these complex, great characters and their hilarious dialogue put his books among my favorites. The Number Devil by Hans Magnus Enzensberger is a kids book that the back cover says is along the lines of The Phantom Tollboth, but I can’t really agree with that comparison. Yes, they’re both about kids learning things, but thats about it. Tollboth has much more of a story going, Devil is much more episodic. It is however, a very interesting look at numbers and how they work, and the “magic’ contained within them. It points out questions more than it gives answers, but it made me look at numbers differently.

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  1. hi my name Natalie and i need to find a book for my english assignment and have chosen this book but i have never read it before and the only info i can find is the main blurb and i was wondering if you could email a summery of what you thought of it and what it is all about to me please if you could that would be great

    thank you

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