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I’m currently reading Double Sin and other Stories by Agatha Christie- I love Miss Agatha, she never dissapoints. And there were a few suprises too, as two of the stories so far haven’t been mysteries to be solved so much as odd Twillight Zone type creepy stories. I suppose it makes sense that during her prolific writing career she might have ventured into other related genres, I just hadn’t really thought about it. When I finish this one later today I have another from Miss Christie, a full length novel this time, and then a book called Immorata or something of the sort , about a man investigating a medium- set in the Victorian era I believe. I picked it up as a total impulse buy- slightly odd as it’s a hardcover, and I usually give those more thought. But it looks interesting, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, theres an odd connection as one of the Twillight Zone-y stories in Double Sin concerns a misused medium. It would be fun to chart out the connections between the books I read- similar themes, or just similar plot points!

I went book shopping yesterday and realized for the seven billioneth time that I really do judge books by their cover. And not just the cover- if the font size or style is wrong, I won’t buy it. If there are 2 editions of the book I will have a definite opinion as to which is the right one to buy- all based on how comfortable it is. I haven’t really thought it out enough to actualize any specific “rules” as to what I prefer, but I definitly have preferences. One book yesterday caught my attention- the font on the spine was perfect- and shiny (literally)- the synopsis on the back was interesting, but the inside was just wrong, wrong, wrong. I wonder who makes those decisions when it comes to printing? Do most people have a preference? They must do studies and such- that would be interesting to look into- font theory.

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