Pictures from the Aquarium at the Tokyo Tower, or: In which I fall in love with a turtle

The girls and I took a visiting friend to the Tokyo Tower today. We came in a different way, so we got a different view:



The Christmas decorations are up.



And the changing leaves are glorious from the observatory tower.

The girls posed for a picture,


and a silly one.


Then we went to the first floor, where there is an aquarium. The girls have asked to go in every time we’ve been to the tower, but we’ve never gone. Oh my goodness, we were missing out. It’s got normal everyday fish (as Tiny would say), but it’s also got weird, wonderful, and delightful craziness.

These guys look like an experiment gone wrong. In fact, a bunch of the sea creatures I liked looked like they’d been fiddled with by Dr. Moreau.


A Moray eel- I love these guys.


I don’t know what kind of sea turtle this is, but I love its piggie nose.


A Goonch Catfish. That is really its name.


I have no idea.


This is a Alligator Snapping Turtle, and it is glorious.


I mean, look at that beastie!


The Alligator Snapping Turtle was totally my favorite until I saw this guy. I almost screamed in delight.


It just looks so wrong, doesn’t it? Like a turtle got it’s neck stretched out? But no, it’s a Northern Snake Necked Turtle. Apparently they’re from Australia (thank you Wikipedia). I want one so much.





LOOK AT THAT FACE! It’s a dragon! I seriously can’t stand how awesome it is.

We did a bunch of other stuff, but nothing else compares to Dragon McLizardFace TurtleMcGee here, so I’ll just end with him.


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